What are my screen options?

Or: “What types of audio visual screens are there?” Or: “There’s no good way to phrase this like a question a human being would ask but people probably wouldn’t mind knowing about it?”

So you sign an audio visual proposal for an event at a great price, and after arriving at the venue you walk into the room for your plenary session. But the set up doesn’t look anything like you expected. Continue reading What are my screen options?

What should my AV budget be?

Or: “Is this a good price?”

When I’m going to make a decent size purchase I like to research beforehand. I don’t like being sold; I’d rather know what I want in advance and what the cost “ought” to be. If you’re the same, I feel your pain when I tell you that unfortunately, event audio visual is difficult to price out, and usually requires talking to a few people.

I don’t even know how to use this

Continue reading What should my AV budget be?

What is IMAG?

Or: “How can all of my attendees see the presenter?”

You’ve probably heard people joke about getting nosebleed seats at a game and how they would’ve had a better view at home. Big meetings can feel like that too. (Except there’s no TV coverage of the meeting at home) There’s more to a game than being super close to the players, and there’s more to a meeting than being super close. But you can help keep attendees engaged using IMAG. Continue reading What is IMAG?

Is this projector bright enough?

Or: “What are lumens?”

2500 lumen projector
2,500 lumen projector with quarter (?) for scale

Becca Not-her-real-name-son had her sales reps bring their own projectors for the meeting. This sort of thing can be a good way to lower costs. But when one of the reps pulled out a book sized projector fifteen minutes before a general session with 150 attendees I anticipated some trouble. Continue reading Is this projector bright enough?