What is IMAG?

Or: “How can all of my attendees see the presenter?”

You’ve probably heard people joke about getting nosebleed seats at a game and how they would’ve had a better view at home. Big meetings can feel like that too. (Except there’s no TV coverage of the meeting at home) There’s more to a game than being super close to the players, and there’s more to a meeting than being super close. But you can help keep attendees engaged using IMAG.

IMAG stands for “image magnification.” Once you reach a certain number of attendees they’re not going to have a great view of the presenter. To compensate you can set up a camera with a live feed of the proceedings being sent to the screens. If you only have one primary screen, you can switch between presentation content and the video feed, or if budget allows you can have multiple screens, some for content and some for IMAG.

A good use of IMAG. And meeting time.

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