What are delay or repeater screens?

Or: “What do I do if the ceiling is very low?” or “How do I make sure everyone can see?”

Delay screens

At one property I worked at, the highest the ceilings got were 12 feet. But the room also had chandeliers, so the usable height was closer to 9 feet. So you could only fit screens up to a certain size. In scenarios like this if you have enough attendees they’ll be too far away to see. So what can you do to make sure all your attendees can enjoy the content?

Use “delay” or “repeater” screens. These are screens placed further back in the audience that are showing the same content as the primary screens. These are also useful for very large events where it’s not practical to keep on increasing the size of the primary displays. Depending on your needs these could be projectors & screens or flat panel LCD displays. A reliable AV partner will make these sorts of recommendations to you. In addition to the screens or monitors, you’ll also need a distribution amp, which is a device that lets you send the same image out to all the displays.

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