What am I forgetting? 5 items for your AV checklist


Sometimes before an event you ask yourself, “What am I forgetting?” If you’ve got a good AV partner hopefully you’ve covered these already, but here’s a few things to check off:

  • Clicker / remote slide presenter – If your presenter will be walking around or the presentation computer will be placed somewhere besides the lectern, the presenter may still want to advance slides themselves. Make sure you have a remote on hand.
  • Mac & PC adapters – You’ll need an adapter to connect a mac to projection equipment. Most AV partners have these in their inventory but make sure they know what you’re bringing. Some especially thin PCs also require a video adapter.
  • Computer audio – Does your presentation have video, music or sound effects in it? You’ll want to have something to connect the computer to the sound system. (See the post on direct boxes)
  • Confidence monitor – A display facing the presenter that allows them to see their powerpoint without turning around. (See the post on confidence monitors)
  • Lighting – If you don’t have lighting already and you’ll be doing any sort of professional video recording or photography, then you’ll want some. Let your AV team know what you’re planning to do. At the least you may need a “stage wash” or something more may be warranted.

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